Maurizio, Marco and Diego share the only available room in a private clinic, where they are in hospital; three in their seventies with three different pathologies and a long life path behind them who end up knowing each other and sharing an unexpected experience. Thanks to a pill, bought online to promote sexual performance, they suddenly find themselves younger than thirty and take advantage of it. . On the trail of the neo-thirties, forced to flee the clinic to avoid having to explain the inexplicable, there is Christian, the night watchman who, having also taken the fabulous medicine, makes hunting fugitives his life mission, ending up joining them, sharing a new youth and old questions

A sportsman, knows that there are games that you win thanks to training, modules and talent, but he also knows that there are games that you just can’t win, you can only face them, go through them. Stefano Borgonovo the most difficult challenge, he found it outside the stadium, where he clashed with the most formidable opponent: the SLA. “Una vita in gioco” tells the story of an extraordinary man, who has chosen to live, to fight by showing the world that ALS can change your body, raise your voice, but it cannot take away your dignity, the desire to see your your children and love your wife.