Arturo, a placid man in his forties, receives an unexpected visit from an Angel of Death, who has the surprising features of a sexy, foul-mouthed woman with a fancy for tequila and younger guys. The supernatural being, who Arturo renames “Angela”, shows him how his apparently perfect life is actually a bunch of lies and deceptions, and invites him to a quick passing. Arturo makes a deal with his improper partner. He will accept his Fate if she will help him to take revenge on all those who mocked and exploited him at work and in private life. But his and Angela’s acts have a double, unexpected consequence for both. Arturo disappears from the Register of Dead-to-be, but Angela, on the other side, loses her immortality and risks to be terminated forever. Will Arturo and Angela defeat Death for the second time? And what will be the price?